Prophecies: The End of the Red Yoke will come through China and then Russia will be Resurrected!

St. Aristocles of Moscow (†1918)

Saint Aristocles of Moscow (†1918): "An evil will shortly take Russia, and wherever this evil goes, rivers of blood will flow. It is not the Russian soul, but an imposition on the Russian soul. It is not an ideology, nor a philosophy, but a spirit from hell. In the last days Germany will be divided. France will be just nothing. Italy will be judged by natural disasters. Britain will lose her empire and all her colonies and will come to almost total ruin, but will be saved by praying enthroned women. America will feed the world, but will finally collapse. 

Russia and China will destroy each other. Finally, Russia will be free and from her believers will go forth and turn many from the nations to God."

"Now we are undergoing the times before the Antichrist. But Russia will yet be delivered. There will be much suffering, much torture. The whole of Russia will become a prison, and one must greatly entreat the Lord for forgiveness. One must repent of one's sins and fear to do even the least sin, but strive to do good, even the smallest. For even the wing of a fly has weight, and God's scales are exact. And when even the smallest of good in the cup tips the balance, then will God reveal His mercy upon Russia."

"The end will come through China. There will be an extraordinary outburst and a miracle of God will be manifested. And there will be an entirely different life, but all this will not be for long."

"God will remove all leaders, so that Russian people should look only at Him. Everyone will reject Russia, other states will renounce her, delivering her to herself.“ This is so that Russian people should hope on the help of the Lord. You will hear that in other countries disorders have begun similar to those in Russia. You will hear of war, and there will be wars. 

But wait until the Germans take up arms, for they are chosen as God's weapon to punish Russia - but also as a weapon of deliverance later. The Cross of Christ will shine over the whole world and our Homeland will be magnified and will become as a lighthouse in the darkness for all."


"The deliverance of Russia from the Red yoke Father [now Saint - editor] John prophesied as being from the East."

[Source: I. K. Sursky, Father John of Kronstadt (Belgrade, 1942), vol. 2, pp. 3, 23-24]

This prophecy of St. John of Kronstadt is also mentioned by Fr. Seraphim Rose in his lecture "The Future of Russia and the End of the World".

[Editor's note: according to the prophecies above, and considering certain undeniable facts - we should consider: are we now, in 2022, still awaiting the downfall of the (neo-)Soviet regime? We likewise pose the question: does Revelation 17:8 refer to, without being limited to, the Soviet regime (Beast)?

"...they that dwell on the earth shall wonder, whose names were not written in the book of life from the foundation of the world, when they behold the beast that was, and is not, and yet is." (Rev. 17:8)

And if so: does the anathema of Patriarch Tikhon and the Synod of 1918 apply to those who currently support this Beast? Meaning those who are "ideologically one with the Beast" in a utter or near utter sense.]

Picture is from Moscow, 2017: is this Resurrected Russia? or the Beast in plain sight? Are the political and Ecclesiastical leaders who support this Soviet filth to be considered as Orthodox? Or Red?


The Catacomb Elder Theodosius (Kashin) of Minvody (†1948), shortly after the outbreak of war with Germany in 1941, declared: 

"Do you really think that that was the war (1941-45)?! The war is still to come. It will begin from the east. And then from all sides, like locusts, the enemies will spread over Russia... That will be the war!"

Furthermore Schema-Archimandrite Seraphim (Tyapochkin) relates concerning the prophecies of Elder Theodosius:

"The greatest tragedy will be the seizure of Siberia by China. This will not take place through military means: in consequence of the weakening of the authorities and the open frontiers, masses of Chinese will move into Siberia, will snap up property, enterprises and flats. By means of bribery, intimidation and agreements with the authorities, they will gradually take control of the economic life of the towns. 

Everything will take place in such a way that one morning the Russians living in Siberia will wake up in a Chinese state. The destiny of those who remain there will be tragic, but not hopeless. The Chinese will deal cruelly with every attempt at resistance. (That was why the elder prophesied a martyric end in the stadium of the Siberian town for many Orthodox and patriots of the Homeland.) 

The West will assist this creeping conquest of our land and in every way support the military and economic might of China out of hatred for Russia. But then they will see the danger for themselves, and when the Chinese try to conquer the Urals, this time by military might, and go even further, they will by all means hinder this and will even be able to help Russia in deflecting the invasion from the East. 

Russia must stand her ground in this battle; after sufferings and complete impoverishment she will find in herself the strength to recover. And the coming regeneration will begin in the lands conquered by the enemies, in the midst of Russians left in the former republics of the Union. There Russian people will realize what they have lost, will recognize themselves to be citizens of that Fatherland which is still alive..."


Saint Seraphim (Vyritsky) of Moscow: “When the East will get stronger, everything will become shaky. Numbers are on their side. But not only that: they have sober workers and industrious people, while there is such drunkenness with us. There will come a time when Russia will be torn into pieces. At first they will divide it, and then they will begin to steal its wealth. 

The West will do everything to help the destruction of Russia and for a time will give its eastern part to China. The Far East will fall into the hands of Japan, and Siberia to the Chinese, who will begin to move into Russia, marry Russian women and in the end, by cunning and craftiness, will seize the territory of Siberia as far as the Urals. But when China will want to go further, the West will resist and will not allow it."


Martyr-Eldress Duniushka of Siberia (†1918): "At the far end of Russia, there will be an enormous earthquake. The waters will break out of the ocean, flooding the continent, and many nations will perish. Many diseases beyond understanding will appear. The face of the earth will change. The people will comprehend their guilt; they will come to understand how far they have departed from God and from His teachings, and then they will begin to be reborn...

In the course of one of those centuries, Asia will bestir herself; she will try to penetrate into Europe, but her attempts will be futile. No one will ever overcome 'Holy Rus', and only through her will salvation come to the world."


St. Paisios the Athonite: "The Mid-East will become a theater of a war in which the Russians will take place. Much blood will be spilled. The Chinese, with an army of 200 million, will cross the Euphrates and go all the way to Jerusalem."

 St. Nilus the Myrrhgusher:  "All the nations of Europe will be armed against Russia. The Tsar [i.e. the Russian leader, whatever his contemporary title] will summon all his European and Asiatic peoples. The belligerents will meet in an immensely wide plain where a terrific battle will be fought and will last for eight days. The result will be a victory of the West over the Russians."

The Anonymous Prophet from Mount Athos (1053): "Union of the six states against the seventh, Russia, and slaughter for three days. Cessation of the war by an Angel of Christ God, and handing over of the city [Constantinople] to the Greeks."

And finally both St. Seraphim of Sarov and  Archbishop Anthony of Voronezh (†1846) state in almost the same words: "Constantinople and Jerusalem will be taken by the combined forces of Russia and others. During the partition of Turkey, almost all of it will be apportioned to Russia."

[This last set of prophecies should be considered within the larger scope of the related Greek prophecies. We must also remember the prophecies concerning the final Tsar of Russia who will appear and cleanse the Church of Russia. Relating to the Ecclesiastical matters: we also have prophecies of both a coming true Ecumenical Council, and of a coming false one!]